Monday, October 25, 2010

Red Nail Relief

She lives in a world,
Where everything she does is wrong,
Where she opens her mouth and says something erroneous,
She open her eyes and see something she isn't suppose to.
She opens her ears and hear things she doesn't want to hear.
She touches what she shouldn't
She walks where she shouldn't
So she sits in her shell and hides
Hiding everything through fear.
Afraid to do anything because it WILL be wrong. She can't handle much
more. She scratches at her wrists with her red painted fingernails,
even that minor pain relieves her...
It won't take much to push her over the edge...


  1. This was so captured everything beautifully.

  2. Oh, this sounds so familiar to me - been there too, too close to that edge. Well-written poem, haunting, yes.

  3. I think we've all met her. A very real One Shot, Danny.

  4. as eric says...all too real....thanks for sharing pete


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