Friday, May 14, 2010

All The Same

The words that come out of our mouths are more often than not just a
misinturpretation of what we think we hear in our minds. We shelter
our thoughts inside ourselves, hiding the truth and holding back.
Afraid of what the so called real world will think of the real you!
Unfortunately silence prevails in the morden world. Hiding under our
masks we drift through life unaware that we are living as who the
world thinks we should be, by the time we realise, we are already
consumed by our fake reality and have forgotten what we were really
like. Personality is no longer personal. We cannot lay here and
pretend we are not manipulated by outer forces. We are controlled by
the stereotypes forced upon us. We are slowly becoming like robots.
One day we will all be the same person.


  1. And yet we try so hard to deny that and remain our own person. Hard truths to face-you speak them so well.

  2. The world does have a way of doing this. I think that is what fascinates me about the online world. I feel like people are able to express more of who they really are. Sometimes I wonder who knows more about me, the people who see me every day or the people who read my blog and are in my head. This was a great post as always, I'm never disappointed when I stop by here :)

  3. Yes this is so true. Sometimes I to afraid to post on my blog what's on my mind, because I'm always thinking "what would other people think of me if I post this". This is so true you know: " Afraid of what the so called real world will think of the real you!"

  4. the last line is so true.


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