Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You and me

You were always there for me, whenever I would need someone... You
were there. When you needed me... I would come from wherever I was...
just for you. There for each other... Always.
Through the heartbreak, it was you and me.
Through the pain, it was you and me.
Through the darkest days, you and me!
When we had nothing, we had each other. It was you and me!
We promised we would always be there! Whenever, wherever, we would
come through. I'd call, You'd be there. You called, I'd leave straight
away. We were each other rock, each others angel, each others shoulder
to cry on. We were
Perfectly terrible, you and me!
Always feeling sad, always feeling lost... But we were never lonely.
It's was you and me!
I would never let you fall, I'll be there always...

Then one day I wasn't there... The one day you needed me the most, I
was too late! I broke my promise like it meant nothing. I could of
saved you! Now I'm alone. It was always you and me...
....now it's just me....god decided to take you away from me.
But Heaven shouldn't have you yet, please come home...please...I miss
you... I miss you and me.


  1. Oddyoddyo nailed that on the head, this is heartbreaking. And sadly it's true in far too many cases.


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