Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Work in progress

As the Monday morning melody flies through the air, the taste of her
sweet lips still linger on mine. The shape of her tiny body is still
imprinted in my arms. The memories of her from the weekend gone will
be held until they are replace by the ones from the next engagement.
Caressing on the couch with our bodies intertwined, saying nothing
because words are not needed. I can't bare the thought of tearing my
eyes away from her. She lays across me, her head buried in my neck,
these are moments of perfection in my eyes. Though I cannot call her
mine always, I can for these breif moments. Which unsually feels like


  1. That is beautiful. Kind of sad at the end. If only we could have moments like this forever. Its a wonderful thought.

  2. Wow. I loved this-it was so heartfelt.

  3. I agree with Eva.

    Beautiful, but a little sad.

  4. It's funny, this particular moment in question happened on the weekend, and the joy from that carried over for a few days... It's just now that it's wearing off am i've started to crave it again. It's easy to write about I guess if you feel it. Which is an unfortunate thing for me I guess. Who wouldnof thought wanting someone so bad would hurt this much...


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