Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life No More (Version 2)

As the darkness falls all around you, and your tears run black as the night,
You have run out of shoulders to cry on, you know it’s the night you’ll say goodbye.
The bruises have never been so painful; the cuts have never been so deep.
Lay your head down in relief, and bleed into the deepest sleep.

Room once filled with hopes and dreams, all to long ago it seems, now
Bloody sheets of misery, razor blades and memories. Broken glass on the floor a tissue box that helps no more.
A broken heart that burns with pain, drowning in mascara rain.

Deafened by her own silent screams, a precious life atrophy
A river black from eyes to cheek, she’s nothing left, a heart so weak.
Wounds reopened, Crimson Red, pages unturned and words unsaid.
An excruciating ecstasy, yet a picture perfect catastrophe.

Blood fingerprints on the life she tore, her life that was, but is no more.


  1. This is so incredible-so haunting.

  2. "Blood fingerprints on the life she tore"

    This reminds me of the saying 'we are our own worst enemy' no one can destroy us like we destroy ourselves.

  3. This is very haunting, but also very beautiful.

  4. It is a sad ending
    too soon for the candle to be extinguished even as she begged for help

    nicely penned
    thanks for sharing with One shot

  5. Painful and anguished, This might have been mistaken for a run-of-the-mill drama back around Halloween. Good thing you waited.

    Nice One Shot, Danny!

  6. wow - i like the imagery in your poem..some really nice ones..loved the drowning in mascara rain...
    glad you linke up with us danny!

  7. i have changed my mind....dont want the number now...lol...again a wonderful write....enjoyed its darkness...cheers pete


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