Friday, April 30, 2010

The Morning After

Bright sun rays through a dark room,
Dark thoughts run through a once vivid mind

Black stains on a white pillow,
White stains on the black sheets

Cocaine covered coffee table,
Empty wine bottles on the kitchen bench

Red dress crumpled at the bedroom door,
Empty condom packets on the bedroom floor

Broken glass embedded in the recliner,
A shattered heart barely beats in her chest

Bathroom light flickers,
Blood stains ubiquitous

Another pointless night is over,
Another painful nightmare begins

Once a blissful place,
When did it all go wrong?

Head in her hands,
Tears drip through her fingers

Here she goes again,



  1. ah thats interesting... sad... something. =/
    i like your blog here.

  2. Very dark. You painted a picture of a girl spinning out of control. Sometimes once you start to spin, it's hard to stop.

  3. Dude your the first guy blogger ive seen. so Hi. Take it you still like the person the poems about


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