Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just For Tonight

She’s only tiny, she’s quiet, she never says much, she just rests her head on my shoulders and wraps her arms around me.
I safely secure her in my arms, kiss her forehead and pull her in closer.
The emotion flows through our bodies; we can see it in each other’s eyes. We don’t need to say anything, we both know its there.
We know that after this night I’ll be leaving, on my long journey home.
We always knew it was coming; this time together was never for forever.
I whisper in her ear:

“Be mine, just for tonight. I’ll momentarily be the gentleman that walks you home,
Just for tonight, let me kiss you, let me hold you, let me be the one you turn to, let me be the one that makes you smile.
Tonight is all we have, lets not waste it.
Tomorrow you will awaken, and I’ll again be half a world away.
Counting down the days until I can say those words again
Just for tonight…”

I hold her face gently, with my other hand on her lower back as I softly kiss her and pull her in again for another soft embrace. It’s not perfect, it’s not much… but it’s enough. Just for tonight…


  1. "We always knew it was coming; this time together was never for forever."

    This line hit home hard for me. I can so relate to this.

    It's a beautiful post, Danny. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sometimes, all you have is a night. Thanks for sharing this post with us. :)

  3. "the gentleman that walks you home".....lovely line. Her protector. Every woman needs one.

  4. One night with someone can mean more than a million endless days without them.


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