Thursday, April 1, 2010

...With Her

Sliding my hands over her shoulders, down the inside of her arms she slides her hands over the back of mine, piercing the gaps between my fingers with her own. I grasp her petite little fingers tightly as if I’m never going to let go and I pull her exposed fragile body in against me.
She moves ours hands towards her mouth and softly kisses each of my fingers. I brush the hair from her right shoulder using my nose as I kiss her neck tenderly, from the up behind her tiny cold ear, to the point of her shoulder. She slants her head back onto me, with her gorgeous eyes closed and biting her bottom lip. She turns her head up to face me, wearily opening her eyes to stare into mine. Blinking ever so slowly as she tries to hide a shy smile. I release her hands, placing mine on her hips to turn her around and face me, still gazing into her eyes, I begin to lean my head forward, as I slide my right hand up the side of her perfect, gorgeous body, up to her delicate face. Brushing away the hair off her face as I a reach the final moments before our first passionate embrace. Her gentle, trembling lips lock with mine; our awkward tongues tangle and tease one another. My hands become careless and start exploring her elegant, bare-naked body. Her hands are cold as she places them on my cheek. Firmly seizing me into the avid embrace…
I feel the butterflies in my stomach start to stir as I completely forget about the world...Is it to soon to say perfect? When this is where I want to be… this is where I want to stay…. here…lost…in this moment… with her.


  1. It's been awhile since a moment like that has come my way. This piece brings back a few memories though.

  2. Hi

    This is beatufil.The passion in this piece is wow... beautifully written.

    I love your work. :)

  3. You captured a lovely moment. Being lost in a moment with someone is a wonderful thing. This was beautiful.

  4. wow! you're really romantic. sweet and well written.

    XXX, Kim


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