Sunday, April 4, 2010


Don't tear me apart, Id rather extract happiness from every word of
your lie, then be broken by the reality of the untold truth. Lie to
me, do it... I know you can... You have been lying to yourself for
years. But lying to me would hurt you.. And hurting me would mean
telling the truth... Both of us want neither... Let's just forget
it... Let's stay in this awkward state of unemotional being, At least
we can't be hurt this way... Let us be dragged down together... We
either fight each other apart. Or battle through it together. I'd be
lying if I said I told you the truth... Our fate hangs in the balance,
waiting for us to say the words that we can't bare to part with...
Living in this bipolar world... You're on top of the world until it
turns on you, then the wieght of it is on your shoulders, can you
handle it? I can't help you without burning myself... I'm gonna lie
and tell you I'll always be there... And you'll lie and say you need
me... And this endless cycle of dishonesty continues to repeat


  1. Ain't that the truth. It just keeps going around and around and around. I definitely can relate very well to this.

  2. This was difficult to read because it really struck a cord. You are an amazing writer.

  3. This was so thoughtful and, well, well said. For someone that talks about lying, you tell the truth a lot.


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