Monday, April 19, 2010


When Im with you, I can say the things I want to say... And though you
don't think it's true.. I think you are someone beautiful, and the
word gorgeous describes you.
Waking up beside, was like I was still sleeping with a dream, but with
an out stretched hand I touch you, just like a movie scene
Your tired eyes would open, stare wearily into mine, makes my stomach
get butterflies, makes My heart pound everytime.
When we kiss is bliss, feels like nothing else on earth, makes feel so
high, I want to give you all you deserve.
As I board the plane to leave you, I just want you to know, that no
matter where I sleep tonight, it's in your arms that I feel at home.


  1. Its interesting how home is not necessarily a place, but sometimes it can be a person. This is lovely.

  2. It's just a shame the person it's about doesn't feel the same... Just another tear in a lonely heart!

  3. That is a shame. I know that feeling.


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