Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fine lines...

    Do you often find yourself treading on a fine line? On one side you know everything that can happen. You know that the only pain you feel happens initially as you cross the line in defeat. The other is the unknown side, which you know very well can, and often will end in heartbreak or disaster. 
    It's the line between reality and chasing a dream; circling the mouth of what seems a bottomless pit. We step one way we are safe and stable ground… and the other, endless falling…not knowing when we will hit the bottom.

    You find yourself making brainless decisions, falling in love to quickly, talking before you think. Pay no heed to the old cliché "look before you leap".

    More often then not we disregard the opinion and advice of outsiders, and fall onto the unknown side of the line; and even though we know exactly what will happen as soon as we take that step, we continue down that trail of terror. 

    Why? Why do we open ourselves up to anguish and misery; fighting for something that is never meant to be ours? It's like we label our hearts, "Insert knife and twist" and throw it out on a cold lonely street waiting for it to be stolen or crucified. Then wonder why we feel so fucking depressed. People say "Maybe you want to feel like this, maybe you like the pain". Why would anybody want to feel like this? What's to like about pain? It's brought nothing more than tears and heartbreak to the world. To feel like there is absolutely nothing in the world you want to live for, when everyday is just another breakdown, just one more Fucking nightmare after another. When the only smile you show is one in disarray of how fucked up your life has become… Hiding scars, hiding your twisted thoughts, trying to hide from memories that only make you cry. Lonely… cold… insecure… scared… helpless... lost. You find me someone who wants to feel like that…


  1. That is so true. No one wants to feel depressed and sad all the time just cause of a stupid mistake you've made when you've misjudged someone... I don't even wish that on my worst enemy.. I'm babbling, sorry. :)

    I like the way you changed your profile, Danny. Now we know a bit more about you. :)

    You should enjoy your day!! :)

  2. "Why do we open ourselves up to anguish and misery; fighting for something that is never meant to be ours?"

    I wish I knew the answer to that question. The good thing, though is, is that it passes eventually. I've learned that pain, no matter how inflicted or what type, can either break you or make you stronger. A touch cliche but experience has taught me that you go with whatever works.

  3. Whoa. That was so deep and passionate. Awesome job. And you're right-I feel like I can relate to this completely.

  4. It's amazing the pain we put ourselves through sometimes. No one wants to feel it, yet we all participate in masochistic behavior at one point in our lives whether it be in love or in life or in our thoughts. This was wonderful.


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