Friday, April 9, 2010

I thought you said forever..

He never thought he'd see her like this, so weak and helpless in that
hospital bed. Not now, not this young. It happened all of a sudden,
Now there she lays, the love of his life bed ridden. He comes to see
her everyday... Just to tell her he loves her. He stays for hours just
to talk to her, with her fragile hands in his. Hoping that she will be
ok. Everynight as he leaves he kisses her cold lips, then her forehead
as he tucks her in for sleep. "goodnight sweetheart" he says blowing a
kiss from the doorway as the nurse closes the curtain. Without fail
he'd be back again the next day. Doing the same thing... Walking with
her, pushing her in the wheelchair if she's to brittle to move.. They
are happy in every sense of the word. They have the kinda love where
no words need to be said... You can just tell. Until one cold winter
evening, he was fast asleep in the chair... The heart monitor started
to intensify... He stood over her screaming her name... "Holly,
HOLLY?" nurses come rushing through the door pushing him to the back
of the room... "Clear" nothing but a solid beeping... "Clear" ...
Nothing... "Clear".... That was it... There was nothing but a flat
line across the screen. "no, no, holly no" as he calapsed onto his
knees... The nurse pulls the bedsheet up over her face... She was
Gone, his world gone... They'd always said forever, but who knew
forever would be over so soon... No last chance to say "I love you" no
last chance to say "goodbye"... No last chance to hear her voice
again... There was nothing...


  1. Forever is always too short. That was so heartbreaking-and haunting. Sadly, its a truth these days.

  2. Wow, this was like a blow to the chest. Very deep. It reminds me of how my mother described my father's death. Losing someone you love is like that, like there is nothing once they are gone.

  3. This is very sad and heartbreaking. You have a talent you know. Everything you write is intense and you write everything so passionatly. I can see that you love writing and that this is your passion. Keep going... you're going to go very far in this world. Hopefully you'll get published some day and write novels. :)

    Great work :)

    You should enjoy your day!! :) and have a great weekend.

  4. You're an acquired young writer. I'm beginning to look forward to catching up with your work.


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