Monday, March 29, 2010

I'd Rather Die Than be Without You

Dani and Chase were high school sweethearts… They met in English in there first year. Dani was a shy 14 year old girl, very slim and slender with dark eyes and a time stopping smile… although she never reveals it that often, she often wore black tights with a red pleated skirt, and black button down top that she ties at the bottom, revealing her stomach. She wasn’t very tall, wasn’t very confident and didn’t trust many people…. except the love of her life… Chase. Chase, 15, was a loner at best, very few friends. He was tall, so skinny it was scary, his hair was black thick and shiny. He wore expensive glasses, tight skinny black jeans, and whatever colour t-shirt he could find on the day.

Dani and Chase were in love. Everlasting love… The words til death do us part were never more true. Chase lived with his dad was a truck driver, was hardly home, his mum had died of cancer when he was 5. He couldn’t remember anything about her. He was generally happy. After all, he was in love. Dani had a rough up bringing. Her dad was an alcoholic… Always drunk. Her mother was no better; she was a drug addict…their house always smelt of cocaine and beer. Her father grew abusive over time.

Dani went to Chase’s house one afternoon in tears… about a year after they were dating… she had a small cut above her left eye, trickling blood. She, as Chase removed her bloody blouse, it revealed her bruise ribs. Already purple. She couldn’t stop crying. Chase kissed her forehead and told her everything would be ok.
”You shouldn’t love me Chase, you’ll only end up hurt” she said, “you can’t stay with me”
“Dani, I Love you” he said “I’d rather die then be without you”
Dani hinted at a smile as Chase continued to clean her up.

Dani started wearing more and clothes, less revealing than normal. Chase was scared, Dani didn’t talk about it much, Chase didn’t ask. He just kept telling her he loved her.

Chase got a call one Wednesday night about 12 months later, “Your girlfriend is in hospital, and she’s broken her leg”
Chase got there as quick as he could. She was bruise and battered again. Her father was in handcuffs in the waiting room. “What did he do?” Chase asked
“Nothing, It was my fault Dani said “ I told him I was pregnant, Chase your going to be a dad”
Chase’s frown quickly turned to a smile…
”I love you Dani, I’d rather die that live without you” he said.

Later that night Chase heard a knock on his front door…it was Dani’s father…
Without a word Chase’s was punch across the face, then in the ribs and fell to the floor. Dani came running over to Chase’s house
”DAD I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE HIM ALONE” she screamed, “Are you ok Chase?”
“I’m fine” he replied
“You know you don’t have to out up with this, I don’t want you to get hurt anymore” she said
Chase just smiled “Dani, I love you, I’d rather die than be without you”

The Friday that followed Chase was on his way to Dani’s house, he came to a complete stop; a blue and red light was flashing on his face. Tears began to flow. The front of Dani’s place was covered in Police, and an ambulance. He dropped to his knees in the middle of the road as he watched the paramedics drag the stretcher carrying a cover body… tears started to flow as Dani’s mother came screaming from the house, trying to grab hold up the stretcher. Chase’s heart fell to pieces when he seen Chase’s dad being pulled from the front door by the police… he’s gone to far this time… Dani was murdered… Dani was dead; Chase’s Love his life was gone.
He could do nothing…His tears flowed from his eyes… it was never ending.

Her funeral was small… a few friends from school, Chase’s Dad accompanied him… Chase could only cry… He was the last one to leave the side of her casket… He kissed it… and left a folded note to be buried with her…

Dear Dani,

I Love You, I’d rather die than be without you

Love Chase

Chase hasn’t been seen since the funeral…


  1. Wow. This is great. I love the storyline. It is haunting (like most of your other pieces). I like all your writing but this was extremely beautiful. Everlasting love... to die for. Wow.

  2. I can't decide whether he really did honest to God love her or was just being a typical, slightly over dramatic "in love" kid. Either way it was a good story though. (:

  3. That was so beautiful. The story, sadly, seems like a common thing-drunk, abusive dad, mom on drugs, their kid caught in the middle. Heartbreaking.

  4. When someone we love dies, a piece of us dies with them. It can consume us or make us stronger. This was very sad. His loss consumed him in the end. I enjoy reading your stories.

  5. You wrote it beautifully. Simple and uncomplicated. Just like love should be.


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