Sunday, March 7, 2010

The End

She’s tried before, and failed. The story of her life it seems. Trying to escape the harsh reality that is her world. Drink after drink, Pill after pill… Trying desperately to extinguish the agony that penetrates her heart deeper than any ocean. Pointless sexual encounters that only end in a river of black tears and a mascara stained pillow. Scars on her wrist symbolise her previous efforts. She’s been so close to a bloody relief before; but tonight marks the end of her tragic life. With a locked door and loud music, no one will hear her scream, just as no one has heard her screams for salvation before. However, tonight will not be a cry for help, just a scream of sweet surrender. To her this pain and anguish is far less than what she faces day to day.
As her blood runs down her pale arm, through her weary fingers, mixing with her sea of salty tears, she is content…satisfied.
In her final heartbeats there is a smile… her pain she lived her life with is gone forever in her death. Burned and buried as if it had never existed.

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