Monday, March 8, 2010

So Sinister

Your kiss is so sinister, filled with pleasure and pain, but when our lives are over our love will remain.

You are my demon, black leather and lace, beat me and whip me, make me scream out my face.

Be rough, don’t be gentle, make me feel pain, for when it comes my turn, you’ll be screaming my name.

Bloods seep through the markings, like when evil attacks, bruises and grazes, scratches all down my back.

Tied to the bed head, all cover in sweat; you lower your body, so soft and wet.

Faster and harder, your body starts to shake, your trembling and moaning, the silence it breaks.

The noises get louder, there’s an arch in your back, with ones massive scream, the windows they crack.

The movements grow slower, your breathing slows down, with one naughty smile, your move your head down.

You tongue starts to tease me, sends me insane, you laugh like the devil, like its some sort of game.

But some games are made for two and my turn is next, the room is getting steamy and smells like rough sex.

I roll your body over, lay you on your back, I’m deep between you thighs, and again the windows crack.

There’s thunder and lighting, the fire it glows, you push my head down, you’re about to explode.

Three massive breathes, then one loud and slow, you scream and you pout, you yell and you moan.

So softly you kiss me, it tastes so damn sweet, you lay down beside me, you drift off to sleep.


  1. awesome rhyming skills. you made something dirty read very cleanly. i like that

  2. Thanks :) This was one of the first things I wrote, took some time but I like to think it turned out alright :)

  3. That was incredibly passionate. I absolutely loved every word. Few people have the talent of making something like this sexy and not sleazy, you have that talent for sure. This rocked.


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