Sunday, March 7, 2010


I have never felt such a desire to play a part in something wrong
And be it not for the first time, we would never know it felt right
I have an addiction to the touching of our skin, it’s like a drug
Every taste makes the addiction stronger, and the release twice as sweet
Do not deny me my fixed of greed and guilt, use me and abuse me how you see fit.
Committing the sin in secret heightens our senses, in an act that is a socially unacceptable, and morally
fucked up
An act so wrong to the world that it’s so right for us, Let them never know of our furtive behaviour
Let the disgust with ourselves fuel every moment.
It’s an endless desire that can never be fulfilled, yet we crave for it like a vampire for blood.
Giving in to our craving was the beginning of our mistake, now such passion cannot be fought against
Nor can it see the light of day.
Let them never know we have given in to the forbidden temptation.
What once was a fantasy is now a reality.
A reality that only we know we live in.

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