Monday, March 8, 2010

Fallen Soldier

A war does not decide who is wrong or right.
But standing tall and marching proud we send our soldiers off to fight.
Days and weeks and months on end, we go without sleep.
On those same dark nights he's wide awake, through the desert he must creep
Your nightmares, you are horrified, these nightmares just can't be.
But those nightmares that you have are all his eyes can see.
Every minute seems so slow when you lay awake in bed
You wonder what his thoughts would be, what's going through his head.
To the morning news you wake, "another Aussie soldier falls"
You shed burning tears of sadness, and of joy he wasn’t yours.
The news said he died with honour; he's done his country proud.
Did he die for an endless fight, in a war that wasn’t ours?
His death will change everything, a widow from a wife
A grieving mother's heartbreak, a fatherless child for life.

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