Thursday, March 25, 2010


Fuck! Another nightmare begins, another day to follow another sleepless night. Time to drag your arse out of bed, put on your brave face and confront the world that doesn't care. You can feel yourself breaking inside, unsure of how long you can keep hiding behind a smile you don't believe in. In the downward spiral heading rapidly towards the inevitable emotional break down. The only memories that remain are those with tears... When you were torn apart. The worst thing is the fault lies with you, and now you're suffering in your shadow, with no one to answer the screams for help inside your mind. Scared to death of what awaits you. Silent answers that mean nothing to know one go unheard. Crying for a solution that isn't coming... Everyday is the same... Ending in why. You slam your door shut behind you after your day of pointless acting, to go drown yourself in a sea of tears, in the darkest corner or your mind... Waiting for the next nightmare to begin...    


  1. This is so true. Your poetry has lots of emotion. I like it. You are the third blogger to be exact to bring tears to my eyes today. I really like emotional writing. It is so raw and you can feel the hurt of that person. I love you poetry.

    Keep writing. :)

  2. This describes how I have felt during very dark times in my life. You give the feeling such a unique voice. Very relatable.

  3. That was very haunting, yet beautiful. Very good job, especially considering its only the first post I've read yet.

  4. Thank for all your comments... its very much appreciate and I'm glad you's like what I've written. It inspires me to dig deeper into myself and write more. :)


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