Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Breaking's what the heart is for

I wish I could be one of those people that have never experienced pain
or heartbreak. Would make life a whole lot easier. Or maybe just take
out my heart completely. Imagine that, if we didn't need it to live. I
hate the fact that I want something so far out of my reach. With not a
hope of touching it or even coming close for that matter. The
stitching on my heart is wearing thin, It won't take much more for it
to snap. I will then be left with 1000 pieces.... Again. Fuck I hate
myself for putting me in this spot. I hate it... If the wounds were
any deeper they'd penetrate the other side of me. The worst thing is
that I know I can stop if I want to... But I won't. I once was told
that if you want something bad enough you will get it. Whoever started
that obviously got everything they wished for, and to them I say fuck
you. Step into my shoes for once. Try being dragged along the concrete
at 1000 miles an hour...try not getting anything you want... You do
that then you can pull out all the analogies you want. I hope there is
such thing as genies and shooting stars... Because I need a wish right


  1. So true-don't we all need a wish? I love how powerful your writing is, and how it speaks truth.

    Nice picture at the top, btw. LoL

  2. We all would love to have a wish.
    You're such an amazing writer dear.


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