Monday, June 7, 2010

Little Death

Push me against your front door, grab my head and pull yourself in to
me. Bite my lip, taste my tongue while you fumble for your keys. Slam
the door, coats to the floor, hearts pumping, blood rushing.
Grab me, throw me down. I can see the desire in your eyes.
There is no mistaking the things you want right now.
Rip apart my shirt, drag your nails down my chest. Pull that sexy red
dress off over you head. Kiss down my body, blue eyes staring up at me.
Pull of my belt, tear down my jeans. Me sitting you straddle. Deep
breathes, quiet moans... Pull my hair... Tear my back to shreds.
Shaking and trembling, breathing turns to screams... Bouncing breasts
as you grind. My hands on your behind.
Arched back, silent screams... Out of breath... The little death.


  1. I loved the ending-very chilling. :)

  2. That was incredibly sexy. You create such passion with so few words.

  3. i would die again in about 30 minutes...smiles. sensual! nice one shot!!

  4. You explore the pleasure principle very well

  5. Not normally a fan of erotic writing because it's so seldom really smart enough to be actually erotic. This was quite the example of cutting through the slop. Good work.

  6. I am not an erotica fan much either
    this just cuts thru / a visual of two going at it til Le Petit Mort

  7. Very steamy, a moreish piece of work, nice one.


  8. Love the feeling of urgency here!
    A rousingly-good One Shot, Danny!

  9. An EROTIC one shot, well written, dare I say gripping ;) Thanks, Gay @beachanny

  10. Dear Danny
    Its sensuous and created a great image.. 'Bite my lip, taste my tongue while you fumble for your keys' like the words that you have used to heighten the sensuality...
    Thanks for sharing...
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  11. i want her number.....there was wonderful spirit in this both in the reading and the writing...enjoyed this alot...cheers pete


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