Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm afraid to live this life sober, without the alcoholic silhouette
the world would be much colder. I look through these jealous eyes, and
see a happier you without me by your side. Trying to paint a new
picture, that will only be tarred with the same brush like those who
have gone before. I can't stand the pain, but I can't be the real me
without it. I can't hide it! Screaming to fade away, into the shadows
where I'll never have to be seen. We were never warned, never helped,
just left to suffer, expected to learn from mistakes that we haven't
made yet. Told to keep holding on by people who have already let go.
When we finally figure out what not to do, it's too late. We have
already ran our course... Our fate of failure. We all want it, we all
need it, but we are all to afraid to ask for it... HELP!


  1. Its almost scary how deep and truthful you are....

  2. Asking for help is one of the hardest things we can do. Sometimes its easier to suffer in silence, but it is never the right thing to do. This made me stop and think.

  3. i hate help.
    and asking for it.

    but i think, we actually realy need it.

  4. WE try to tell ourselves that some things are better left unsaid, tell that too your insides that have to bare the full grunt of the pressure it creates.


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