Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rain On Me

I wish it would rain. For 40 days and nights. I would not need an ark
or shelter. I want this storm to wash everything away. So I can start
again. The memories, the pain, the thoughts, the scars and the words
I've heard. Drown them all. Let me rebuild, let me start from scratch.
Deafen me with the thunder, blind me with lightning and strike me down
with your tsunami. I want to forget this world I live in, if you can
call it living. Leave me with nothing, nothing but puddles of hope.
Rid me of all emotion. I want to forget how to love, how to hurt, how
to cry. Is it to much to ask? Let me start again. Clean slate, empty
script. No memories of the past, no visions of the future. Just show
me the new present. They say drowning is peaceful... Let me go
peacefully today. Rebirth me into a new world tomorrow, with no
recollection of where I have been...
That's where I want to be there... Now.


  1. To wash away all of that must be a miracle in itself. I hope that those "puddles of hope" are many, either way. :)

  2. "Rebirth me into a new world tomorrow, with no
    recollection of where I have been..."

    I've wished for this before.

  3. i've actually thought about this, about 100 times.

    it'd be nice.
    to start again.

  4. I really adore this.
    You're such an amazing writer.<3


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